Jul 25, 2007

If I remembered...

If I had remembered to upload my pictures to Flickr last night, I'd be showing you the state of things at my house. I could show you the shawl for my darling DQ which is blocking in my basement at home. I finished it late last night - soaked it, blocked it and went to bed. Why is it that I always wind up blocking stuff late at night after everyone else goes to bed? I love the magic that happens when you block a piece of lace but the process itself is not so much fun. I think that it's going to get better soon. The karate place where my daughters go on occasion is being renovated - including new mats. Naturally, I volunteered to take a few of the old ones off their hands.
I could also show you the mess that my house has become in the midst of the bathroom renovation project. The master bath has been stripped out to the studs. It's quite a sight. you never know what you'll find when you open the walls either. We found that the exterior wall wasn't insulated at all. I guess that's because it's brick... but still, a little insulation couldn't hurt - right? Yesterday they finally started to deliver the stuff that will go into the bathroom. My carport, which we use as a porch, is currently full of drywall, tile and other stuff. I could show that to you too but I suspect it'll be more fun to see it after installation.

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