Mar 24, 2008

E is for

Education! I'm way behind in posting this and it's mostly because for me, E had to be for education but how do you illustrate that in an interesting way? Then, during one of my luchtime photo walks I happened to pass the National Education Association (NEA) and they had this sculpture in front of the building. It works!
Education is a huge deal for me. Anyone who's met me in real life knows this. It's just one of those things that I value highly. Although I've often referred to my diplomas as wallpaper and all of them (even the framed one) are tucked away in drawers and dusty corners, make no mistake, I am proud of what they represent and the work that they required.

Today, I fantasize sometimes of going back to school for just one more degree. Not that I need it - I just want it to satisfy myself and get a complete set of wallpaper to hide in a drawer.

I also obsess about my daughter's education. When we bought our house my girls were still too young for school but my three requirements were 1. good schools 2. a pool 3. a Baskin Robbins nearby - in no particular order. Thankfully we got all 3 (the pool and the B&R are in walking distance) so now my goal is to make sure that my girls take full advantage of all that the schools offer.


Carole Knits said...

I think good education is the key to fixing everything that's wrong with our world. And I think it should be funded on an even level so that all children have the same opportunities!

Elspeth said...

I'd love to get another degree. If only I could convince my husband to move to MD, I would get my PhD in Library Science. And to think years ago I would have never considered even going to graduate school much less getting a PhD.