Mar 7, 2008

My DC - Week 8

I survived! I participated in Career Day yesterday and didn't embarrass myself or my daughter. I consider that a huge success. Actually, even though we got off to a rocky start which rendered my Powerpoint unusable, it all went smoothly and the kids had quite a few questions. I even had a few answers. Woot! My daughter said that the kids had positive comments afterward and she seemed happy that I was there. Really - that's all that matters.

On to this week's installment of My DC. Most of the pictures I take in DC are of older, ornate, buildings with a surplus of charachter but occasionally, other, newer structures call my name.
It may not be super impressive but it fits it's purpose very well. This little elephant sits right in front of it and offers a great hint at what this building houses. Give up? It's the American Chemical Society. Fitting, eh? By the way, the elephant (which would've been a great E - darn) is really cute if you look at the bigger version.
I had so much fun taking these pictures. I walked and walked and walked. Sadly I wasn't wearing good walking shoes and at the end of my walk I had blisters on my feet. Yuck! I think that it I was influenced heavily by a certain aroma in the air heralding spring. Mulch! At this time of year all the planters along the streets are being tended to and the smell of mulch is everywhere.

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Carol said...

Happy Friday! What a cool building and cute elephant:) Seems both your girls are plenty proud of you, way to go! Blisters for the sake of the blog? You rock.