Mar 10, 2008


I feel like the story is the same every Monday. I wake up and feel drained from all of the craziness of the previous weekend. It's no different today bu next week is spring break and I took a few days off so, if I make it through this week, then I can look forward to a little R&R.

DSC_0636This picture has nothing at all to do with today's post. I can't seem to upload any new pictures so I'm using this one, taken last week, to pretty things up a little. Gotta have some pretty.

Saturday it was pouring out. Torrential rain! DQ and her friend R were volunteering at Girl Scout Day at the Air and Space Museum. We drove out there and got to the special gate that volunteers were supposed to use and found one of those super secure security gates shut tight. I had to get out and go press the little button for a few minutes in the rain. Press once... static, static, static. Press twice... more static. Press three times... more of the same. I was nearly ready to give up when a guard appeared to let us in.

The event was great. I'd never been to the Air & Space annex out in Dulles. It's huge! They said there were thousands of people there but because the place is so big, you'd never know it unless you went to get food. That's where they had ridiculous lines.

All day long we ran around helping out where it was needed. Actually, the girls helped and I knit. I had my new, purple, Go Knit pouch with me and it was great. I knit on my sock as I walked around.

One thing I noticed was all of the cool patches the girls had on their vests. Some were so pretty and colorful. I started feeling guilty. Really, really guilty. Stinky has been a Brownie for 2 years and I've never sewn a single one of her badges on her vest. I put on the troop number and the service unit info and called it a day. It was actually kind of a joke that one of the other moms and I laughed about - "Haha she got more badges that I'll never sew on. Hahaha." I know that you can iron some of them on but I saw some vests on Saturday with shiny spots where badges once were. Nope, no good. I felt so bad that I sat down with her vest that night and sewed on about 16 badges. she was really happy wearing her vest to her meeting on Sunday. No, I did not sew any badges on DQ's vest. The moment passed (and fingers became sore) before I ever even looked at that nasty pile. Her troop has been way too busy.

Sunday was tiring too. Tiring and mentally draining. I need another day to process it before I talk about it.


Cursing Mama said...

That dear looks mighty interesting. like you I'm looking forward to spring break because I've got 3 of the 5 days off myself too!

Margene said...

Sounds like you do need some R&R. I had a friend who used a hot glue gun to put badges worked well! ;-)

Kathy said...

well, may I suggest a big old nap?
Welcome to Lynne's special swaps! She's the best. Enjoy your break.

Carol said...

Good thing you've got time off coming soon! Sew you can sew ;-)