Mar 10, 2008

Red Sock, Blue Sock

I'm feeling better than I did yesterday. I know I sounded like a mess but Sunday wasn't all bad, it was a lot like this picture - both positive and negative. I think the reason that I felt so drained and lousy is mostly a function of ending my day with a task that made me feel depressed rather than on a positive note.

Good & BadIn this picture, you see the start of a new, blue sock. That's the Dragonfly yarn I just made last month. It is so nice to be knitting with my handspun. I'm just doing a simple toe up sock because I'm not sure how the handspun will knit up. I figure that by the time I turn the heel I'll have a good feel for it and if I want to use a pattern on the leg, I can add it at that point. I do have something in mind so I've got a target number of stitches but beyond that I'm just enjoying the experience right now.

Sunday morning was a lot like the blue sock. I started by having breakfast with good friends before attending a preparation class for an upcoming event that I'm really excited about. It's so exciting to be planning and preparing a celebration. Afterthe meeting, I hung out and chatted with friends, before leaving to take DQ to see a movie. We saw Step Up 2: The Streets. It was the perfect movie for my fabulous, dancing daughter and she he loved it! I loved hanging out with her.

After the movie, we got to the red sock portion of the day. The red sock in the picture is from the very first pair of socks that I made - Jaywalkers in STR in a color I think was called Ruby Slippers. Do you see the hole that has formed in the sole? I have no idea where that came from but it makes me sad. I don't think I have any of that yarn left over so I need to find something else to fix it with.

The red sock portion of Sunday was spent talking to realtors and showing them my dad's house which I need to sell. Obviously, it was really hard to be in his house, where he lived and died, talking about selling it. It was even harder because the real estate market is not good. Due the economy and the crack down on illegal immigrants, there are many foreclosures in the county where the house is located. One of the realtors was very pessimistic about the sale and that was so hard to hear. The other one was more positive about it - we signed with her. She also knew my dad so there was an added element of reminicsence. It was a long and difficult afternoon but the house goes on the market soon.

Wish us luck!


Margene said...

Life's ups and downs are sometimes so hard. Good luck and may the road get easier for you.

Carole Knits said...

Accentuate the positive, my friend.

Cursing Mama said...

That had to be very hard; I dread having to do something similar and will stick my head in a hole to pretend it will never happen. Hope that the break gives you some breathing room & a hole of your own.

skhpottery said...

Such a hard thing anyway, and to have an iffy market, yuck. Good luck.

Fix that sock, it will make you feel better!

Carol said...

Yeah, what Carole said! Here's hoping all the holes will be darned seamlessly for you. The upside of selling? Rates are going to drop again, this is an excellent time for home buying~good Karma to you :)