Mar 25, 2008

VA Beach... With Knitting

After Great Wolf we continued south to our friend's house in VA Beach. We've been there many times before and we always have a blast. This was no exception. We went bowling and mini-golfing. We ate way too much at all of our favorite spots and got really lazy watching movies.
We also went to the beach because, really, how can you not? Even when it's overcast and windy there's still something about the ocean air and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. it soothes the soul and brings such a feeling of calm and comfort.
I brought the sock in progress with me but I couldn't work on it much due to the cold and the sand blowing horizontally at us. Do you recognize the yarn? It's the handspun Dragonfly. It looks good on the beach. Those colors have a decidedly marine feel.
It wasn't cold enough to keep DQ out of the water though. She is so brave. So were the people we saw when we went back to the beach the following day. It was warmer then but still... you have to be crazy to go swimming when it's so cold out. See that guy out there catching a wave? Nuts I tell you!
The sock came back for day 2 also but by then it was done. While the kids played in the sand and surf I brought the sock out for a quick photo shoot. It became "attached" to some sand and will need to be washed before wearing. When I got home I found quite a bit of sand in my Go Knit bag too. Actually, it would be easier to name the places that we didn't find sand - none!


Carole Knits said...

Aww, man. Now I want to go to the beach.

Margene said...

I love all the blue in this post! Your header is very impressive, too!

Carol said...

Niiiice! Perfect sock to take to the beach! DQ looks right at home!