Apr 16, 2008

G is for


These days, people talk about green all the time. Green cars, green homes, green living in general. All of this is very important and I'm for anything that is good for the environment but this post is about green in the traditional sense. I love the many shades of green -forest green, olive, celadon, British racing green, emerald, jade, etc. - they're all lovely. I find green to be both a soothing, relaxing color and a fresh crisp color. Both of these are pleasing qualities.

I have a tendency to surrround myself in green and in the house I try tame it and choose other colors so that it doesn't overwhelm anyone. Outside, green is expected and I can let my love for it go wild. This is one of the things I got during my recent bout of spring fever. It's a Yoshino Cherry Tree and I hope that it will grace my front yard for many years to come. The flowers are already gone for this year but look at the pretty green leaves. I want to call it Yoshi but hubbo thinks thats corny. Hello Yoshi - welcome home.
Another example of green that makes me smile - green yarn of course! When I went looking for green yarn in my stash I was amazed to find so little. I would've expected to find much more but, then again, i didn't look too hard and I only opened my cabinet for a moment. The cabinet is a wee bit overstuffed and i was afraid it would all fall out. Yes, that must be it. I'm sure that there's more green yarn lurking about. It's just buried in the stash.
Oh yeah, green socks are pretty cool too. I'm calling these my Poison Zombies. I love these socks! DQ loves them too and made a lame attempt to claim them when she modeled for me. The seems to be a theme. I'm knitting these almost exactly as written except that, based upon comments made during the round of Sock Madness where these were knit, I converted all of the knits to knit through the back loop. I think this makes the pattern stand out very nicely. It looks very crisp. I'm also making these a little shorter than specified because I'm not big on tall socks.


Margene said...

Green, green, green...everyone loves green! The socks are great...because they have some blue, too;-)

Cursing Mama said...

So, when my belated and 1/2 finished G is for Green post shows up (hopefully this weekend) you won't think I'm a copy cat will you ;)

Now I'm thinking I should plant some trees this spring too......

Carole Knits said...

I love all your greens. And it's nice to see "green" used in the traditional color sense of the word for a change.
If you need more green yarn, well, I have a solution. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I love green, too! Your green socks are great!