Apr 8, 2008

The Opposite of Monogamy

My spring fever continues. Last night hubbo was sanding the patched nail pops and priming the walls and I met with the outdoor guy who does our spring cleanup. Tonight I'll be painting and hopefully my girls will be planting seeds so that we can start a few seedlings indoors. I'm sure that my spring fever will pass soon but right now it's just crazy at our house.

The other thing that's keeping me very busy is socks. I just can't stop knitting socks. I often read other blogs and people are always talking about their project monogamy. They say that the focus helps them get stuff done and they enjoy it more. I wish I was one of those people. I'm not. Whatever the opposite of project monogamy is - that's me. I go back and forth between projects all the time and I think that maybe the variety is what makes me happy.

Right now, in addition to actively working on Sahara and the red baby sweater, I've got 2 socks on the needles. I showed you the red Wishbone sock last week I've turned the heel and I'm nearing the toe on it. Right now, it's in my little GoKnit pouch but it's not alone. Last week I cast on for a pair of Zombie socks. I used a yarn that I bought at the Homespun Yarn Party Twilight Sock from Storm Moon Knits in Crocodile Rock.


This picture was taken a few days ago. Right now this sock is also past the heel and the gussets. I go back and forth between the socks. I do a repeat or 2 on one and then a repeat or two on the other. They both fit nicely in the GoKnit pouch so it's easy to have them both handy. For me, having 2 very different socks to work on is good because the yarn has a little different feel and the patterns, while both intuitive and easy to do on the go, have different rhythms.

The trick will be deciding which 2 socks to start next because there is a good chance that both odf these will be finished today. Oddly, working on 2 matching socks at the same time isn't something I find enjoyable.


Margene said...

YOU have all the sock mojo!!

Carole Knits said...

The colors of that zombie sock are awesome!

Cursing Mama said...

There are still a few weeks before I can begin anything that requires warm temps - so I've taken to day dreaming that the spring clean-up is taking place. I have a feeling, come May, I'm going to be woefully disappointed.

Adrienne said...

I LOVE those colors!!!

Carol said...

Oh! That color combo is gorgeous! If you find out what the word is, let me know ;-) Have fun with your spring prep!