Apr 10, 2008

My DC - Week 13

My DC has got Caps Fever! Last night, as I waited on line for a ride home, we saw these guys going nuts on Constitution Avenue. They were painted red, wearing Capitals jerseys, waving Capitals flags and beating a drum. There were about 6-8 of them including the mascot, Slapshot, and they were having a blast and why shouldn't they be? The Washington Capitals are in the playoffs!
The sad thing is that some of the other folks in line with me didn't know what was up. I overheard them discussing the display and speculating on what they were demonstrating against. Tibet maybe? I suppose it was a fair guess - this is DC after all.


jess said...

ha! that's awesome! when we were going to the game last saturday, we were stopped at a light in DC and someone jumped out of their car and ran back to high 5 us! totally wild. [and I am incredibly anxious for the game tonight!]

I'm enjoying your DC pics!

Carole Knits said...

Hope they win for you!

Cursing Mama said...

Love it!

Carol said...

Who brings a mascot to a protest?! ~snort~ At least your town's got loyalty!

Lolly said...

i wish they had pulled out a win today! i am sad that they don't get more support - but i guess it is better than nothing :)