Apr 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

I think that running into your hairdresser on the street when your having a bad hair day has to be a bad sign. Don't you? It can't possibly be good. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Last night I helped out at the spring book fair at my daughters school. I really wish that all those people predicting the end of the book could have the same experience I did. We sat inside the school library, listening to the crowd of kids gather loudly outside, pressing against the doors with barely contained excitement. Those kids could not wait to get inside and buy books! For and hour and a half I rang up tall stacks of books for my girl's classmates. It was so encouraging.

Is it just me or is there something very weird about having Def Leppard perform on Dancing With the Stars last night? I love the band from way back when so I was excited to see them even if they do look a little old and puffy. Incongruous is the word that came to mind watching them perform while the dancers did their thing. Even the camera people were thrown off by the spectacle. Thanks for the full screen shots of smoke Mr. Camera Guy.

What do you think about the new, brown, St*rb*cks logo? It's not really working for me.

DSC_0396I still haven't started this year's garden and it's making me feel like a bit of a slug. I had such big plans to enlarge the garden space, add a retaining wall to level it a bit, start plants from seeds, and use my own compost to enrich the soil. The space has been enlarged but that's the extent of the progress so far.

The blueberry bushes look pretty healthy. Maybe we'll just forget the garden and concentrate on the berries. No, not really but if anyone has a really good idea about for to keep birds and animals out of my blueberries I'm all ears. The nets I used last year only kept me out.


Carole Knits said...

Oh damn. I missed Def Leppard. Old and puffy, though, huh? Maybe it's just as well.

Cursing Mama said...

Am no longer disappointed that I missed Def Leppard. And I have decided not to discuss my garden any longer because I have not accomplished a ding-danged thing with it.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I haven't watched DwtS from last night yet, but it did sound like an odd choice in musical guests. I'm feeling behind in the garden as well now that I've been gone. We have one bed that needs filled and all the North beds need prepped. I was hoping DH would have excavated the part of the front yard that was supposed to house the squash family this year but no luck there either.

Margene said...

I didn't know *bucks changed their logo and while I don't like green :-) the brown isn't working for me either. End of the book? Well, I never!

Kelly said...

I liked the old logo...I love green. Also when I bring a cup to work (at an elementary school) with the new logo, I feel like I need to cover the picture!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

I'm just trying to hold off planting until it's warm enough. I always start too early. And we had frost two nights ago. I haven't checked the blueberries yet, but I'm hoping they're fine.