May 27, 2008


Three cousins, three years, three weddings in Canada. It's been lovely but I'm happy that there will not be a repeat trip next year.

The traffic in Pennsylvania was awful due to construction. We spent hours just sitting in the car while traffic crawled alomg and it really sucked! Thank goodness for the DVD system in the car that kept the girls busy. We got home really late last night and I'm exhausted so here's the Cliff's Notes version of our weekend.

The trip took us through lots of very rural areas. We saw many working farms but we also saw many that were abandoned and looked as if the land was trying to reclaim them.
It is very scenic though. So scenic that somebody I know got caught in a speed trap while they were admiring the quaint buildings in a small town in upstate New York. Ooops!

Ottawa is also very pretty and scenic. One thing that amazed me was the abundance of lilacs that we saw everywhere. They were just lovely and the smell was delightful. Here they frame part of the Parliament building.
While my sister and I were out touring the city with our kids, hubbo and my brother in law were sampling the beer at various places near our hotel. They enjoyed it very much and we returned to notes saying that they were down in the hotel's hot tub and we should bring them more beer. As if they hadn't had enough already.

Here are my sister and I getting ready for the big event. Can you see the resemblance? DSC_0958
We did chocolate face masks before the wedding on Sunday night. It was very weird but it smelled great.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate face masks - interesting.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Beutiful pics! Were the chocolate face masks, just chocolate or chocolate was one of the ingredients?

Anonymous said...

I guess when you 'consume' the chocolate that way, it goes to your cheeks rather than your hips. Cute!