May 9, 2008

My DC - Week 16

Last week at this time it was sunny and warm and I was wandering the grounds of the US Capital with Carole. It was kind of a surprise when I realized that I haven't been there at all in the decade that I've lived in this area. The last time I was at the Capital I was about 9 and seeing it all for the first time with my grandparents. It's no less amazing now than it was then. There is something majestic about the Capital building.
There is a lot to notice in the area around the Capital too. This is on a low wall near where the tour bus dropped us off. It's one of those things that people probably walk by all the time without noticing. It's so crisp and the relief is lovely.
I saw this statue and loved it. I'm sure the front of it is beautiful but I can't recall looking at it. The way the one figure is leaning into the other with it's arm draped over the shoulder just screams comfort and love.

Have a great weekend!


Carole Knits said...

I can't believe it's been a week already! I wish we were back there right now.

Carol said...

I don't even remember that statue! And I thought I was observant ;-)