May 10, 2008

Your Bathroom Smells Gooooood!

This weekend Daria celebrated her birthday with a few friends. Can you tell what the theme was this year?


I spent all day Saturday preparing. There were Lego shaped ice cubes to make, goody bags to assemble, and games to prepare, but most of the day was dedicated to creating a Lego shaped cake. The cake wasn't too difficult but it was labor intensive in part because it was a multi-layer cake. I'd never tried 4 layers before. The other challenge with this cake was the decoration. It was such a pain icing each of the studs on top of the cake. It sounded so easy but those studs made me crazy.

DSC_0690This was Stinkerbelle's first sleep over party. I was worried that many of her friends might not be ready to stay overnight so we sent the invitations with an option to leave at 9pm or 10am. Only a few committed to staying overnight but, as the evening wore on, they were all having such fun that most of the girls changed their minds. At 9pm instead of picking the girls up, most of the parents came to drop off pillows and pajamas. Stink was thrilled.

It was a fun night. The girls painted birdhouses, ate, played games, giggled and stayed up into the wee hours of the morning. It was all as it should be.

DSC_0710There was just one weird note to the evening. These girls kept running to our bathroom to sniff it. We use an air freshener in there but it's store bought and not terribly unusual. I think the current scent is strawberry. The girls loved it and every time they went in there they came out and said the same thing "Your bathroom smells great!" It was so funny but there are certainly worse things that could be said about a bathroom so I'm not complaining.

When all was said and done, the girls left and we all napped most of Sunday. We were exhausted!


Carole Knits said...

I'm so glad your vision for the cake worked out. I bet you're so glad the party is over!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember the exhaustion after a sleepover party. I never could understand why it's called "sleep"over; there's never much sleeping involved!

I'm glad the party was a success; and that cake is awesome!

Elspeth said...

What a great cake - my Lego loving boys will want one too!

Carol said...

Supermom! What a great cake!