May 15, 2008

Life Marches On

A while back I showed pictures of an iris that was just about to bloom. Here it is in all it's glory. It's so hard to take picture of it because of the deepness of the purple.
I think it's called Hello Darkness and it lives up to it's name with that amazingly dark color. My love for it is such that I just can't stop taking pictures of it when it's in bloom. Someday I'll get it just right but not this year. The recent rains here were so forceful that they toppled my lovely iris.
While surveying the poor, injured iris I spied something to look forward to. Lily buds! Isn't the shape of it interesting? I have a whole bunch of Stella D'Oro lilies and every year they come back a little stronger han the year before. I love that.
CWatching the progression of stuff blooming in my yard is entertaining but it's also a vivid reminder of how time marches on. It seems like all of the stuff that seemed so far off in the future is suddenly imminent. There are trips to plan, summer camps to sign up for and big family events to prepare for. It all seems a little overwhelming at times so I try to focus on one thing at a time but right now that strategy is failing me.
Breathe in... breathe out. Breathe in... breathe out.

DSC_0478I'm wearing yet another recently finished pair of socks today. These are the Woven Cable Eyelet Socks by Technoknitter and they were the sock offered for the optional round of SM3.

The yarn I used was Cherry Tree Hill that had been marinating in my stash longer than I can remember. I love this stuff and I think I need more. It was just so nice to knit with. The colors are reminiscent of fall leaves.

The sock has cables and eyelets all woven together in such a way that it reminds me of a trellis or the blinding white lattice my neighbor just installed along his carport. Knitting these socks reminded me of how much I love cables - especially now that I can do them so easily without a cable needle. Yarn manipulation at it's best.

This sock used a princess sole and I think that's the one thing I'm just not a fan of. I'm happy I tried it and it works just fine but it's not me at all. it adds nothing to my sock enjoyment and it was tedious to knit the purled soles.

Gotta go now because I've got homework to do. I thought I'd left homework assignments behind long ago but apparently not. DQ came home with an assignment while Carole was visiting. She and a parent (meaning me) had to choose a book that had not yet been made into a movie, read it, and answer questions about it. Thankfully, Carole is, as a good friend (Happy Birthday F!) put it, a real librarian and she suggested that we read Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir. The library had 2 copies on the shelf so DQ and I handed in the first part of the assignment where we explain what we chose and why and now we're reading the book. So far so good - we got a check plus on part one. Nice to see that I still have it.


Carole Knits said...

Love those socks! And the iris is so purple it's almost black. I hope you guys enjoy Innocent Traitor.

Margene said...

I might need to read that book, too. Let me know what you think. The iris is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS - both the socks and the pictures of the iris.

Carol said...

That's a pretty flower that iris. Hope you both have wih the new assignment, sounds like fun!