May 16, 2008

My DC - Week 17

It's National Bike to Work Day today and despite the rain, we saw many people on bicycles. It would be such a great picture except that soggy people and gray skies aren't terribly uplifting. Instead, I offer pictures taken on a sunnier day.

This is the Organization of American States.

There are great details on this building.
OAS detail
I don't know the stories behind any of it but I'm sure that there is one. I think that this looks like a treaty of some sort is being agreed to. What do you think?
OAS detail

I hope that it's sunny where you are. Have a great weekend!


Carole Knits said...

It's cloudy here and the weekend is going to be a mix of sun/clouds/showers. I'm hoping the sun wins out!

Carol said...

Oh it's sunny alright ;-) 90s....
I do miss great art in buildings and must have the old man chauffer me around to get some shots. I'm being a bad my town girl.