Nov 4, 2008

Counting For Better or Worse

I voted this morning. Did you?

I could tell you all about my excitement at the potential for having my vote count this year as opposed to the past where it was a foregone conclusion that Virginia would go Red. And I could tell you about waiting on line to vote this morning just a few feet away from where we saw Obama in July.

There is much to be said about today's historic vote but for me, the most telling thing are the people. They are turning out in droves and waiting patiently in long lines to be heard and I find that encouraging. People are inspired.

Yes, there have been way too many commercials on television and many of them have been full of lies and half-truths. I'll be really happy to see them stop and I can't wait for them to retire Robo-call. It'll also be a relief to see all of the campaign signs disappear.

What I hope remains is the feeling of inspiration and being engaged. For one moment in our country's history people are excited about an election in a way I've never seen before. With such a tight election and so many of the expectations of the past turned on their heads people feel like they could make a difference. Regardless of how the election goes I find it somewhat refreshing not to hear people using the excuse that they're not voting because their vote doesn't matter.

Of course I'll be happiest of the Old Dominion goes Blue and Obama is elected. Go vote!


Carole Knits said...

You live in one of the most important states in this election!

sprite said...

Go NoVa! Turn Virginia blue!

I was out in western Loudon County this weekend and the signs were about 50-50. I take that as a very positive sign.

But I will be so glad for an end to this week's negative ad buy. They've just been nasty.

Kathy said...

A blue Virginia and a blue Indiana (where I come from) would spell a real victory for Barack! Let's keep our fingers crossed that we will have a man of vision as our new President-elect after tonight!