Nov 25, 2008


Yesterday I mentioned my struggles with Knitty ADD and here is just a sample of the evidence. Believe it or not - there are a few more things I haven't documented. These shorter days are really inconvenient. By the time I get home - the sun is down and the light in our house is just not the greatest.

DSC_0460Anyway, the first item on the list is a scarf for hubbo. It's the same entrelac pattern as the one I just made but the yarn is a little different. I was going to use Noro again but then, at Stitches, I saw this Poems yarn. It's got a similar look but a smoother feel. It's also way cheaper than Noro which clinched the deal. In iffy financial times a knitter has to be flexible.

Obviously I haven't gotten very far with this scarf yet but so far it's working just fine. The yarn is very loosely spun so knitting it has a different feel and I need to be careful not to split it. So far - so good though.

DSC_0461The next item on the list is for Stinkerbelle. It's wicked cold here lately and they're predicting more of the same all winter so many warm things will be coming off my needles this season. I want everyone around me to stay nice and tosty and that mostly means wool... except for Stinky. she's got sensitive skin like me so I try to stay away from wool when I knit for her.

This is a cowl made out of Fiesta Zuni that I picked up a few years ago in Florida. The colors should make her happy and the yarn is a nubby cotton. The pattern this time around is the Chickadee Cowl by Kirsten Kapur. It's done in linen stitch and with this yarn it's turning out nice and dense. I'm hoping that the structure of the fabric will be good for keeping the wind away from my girl's tender throat.


The last item on today's post is only semi-new. I think that the picture tells the story well. In it you can see one sweater being knit from the wreckage of another. The new is a February Lady Sweater and the old was the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. If you look for it, even the saddest of events often has a ray of light piercing the darkness.

Last week, when we went to NY for the funeral the ray of light was an unexpected overnight visit with my grandparents. DQ got to quiz them on family history and collect pictures and documents for a school project. Hubbo and Stinky got to hang out and visit. I got to check my grandmother's sweater against her for size. It came up short. There was just no denying that the finished sweater had little chance of working for my grandmother so I did a little research and realized with a bit of surprise that the weight and yardage was perfect for the February Lady. I actually think it'll work better for her anyway due to the shape of the sweater. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be a NaKniSweMo failure due to the restart but it'll be worth it to have a successful finished product.

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