Nov 24, 2008

Gifty Stuff

DSC_0455Another weekend - another craft show. I know that a lot of people get tired of them and sometimes it does seem like we see the same stuff over and over again but each time I go I find that my focus is a little different and I stop at different booths. This time we had 2 specific gifts in mind and happily we made 2 perfect purchases. It is so wonderful when you have that "Aha!" moment and find the perfect thing for someone. The hard part is hold on to your treasure until the time is right to give the gift.

It was a frigid weekend. It was so cold that my eyes teared up and actually hurt as we walked back to the car. It was really not fit for anyone to be outside and yet people were. We even stood outside to watch a glass blowing demo. Stink-o insisted on seeing it.

DSC_0462Another thing I did last weekend was start the next baby gift. It's bad louck to get stuff for a baby before it's here so I generally wait until the baby arrives to start knitting for it. My girls gained another cousin on Friday - Riley Tess - so I broke out the yarn that DQ chose and got to work.

This time around I'm doing a Drops pattern but naturally, I'm going to modify it a bit. The colors are a bit off in the picture but they're close enough to get an idea of where it's going. The strawberry red will keep things from getting too babyish so now the trick is to avoid looking like a 4th of July costume. I'm hoping that the pink will help that.

My knitters ADD has been running rampant lately so I've got a bunch of other stuff to share this week too. More spinning, lace, and warm things.

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Carole Knits said...

That will be an adorable baby sweater in that color combo.