Nov 18, 2008


I was too slow. I'm not sure why I didn't think to make a chemo cap for Toby sooner. Denial maybe. An unwillingness to believe what I knew.

The day that I posted my progress shot of the Shedir was the day that my S-I-L took a turn for the worse. Pain took over and the family gathered to comfort her over her final days. On Sunday, just before noon, she was gone.

Toby was one of the sweetest people. She was funny and kind. She left behind a husband and 2 children who are lost without her. Her father and brother are just devastated. She was 45 and had so much to live for. We'll all miss her very much.

I've put aside the chemo cap for now. It just feels weird to work on it now. I'll finish it at a later date and donate it to an organization that can get it to someone who needs it.


sprite said...


You and your family have had a really rough year. I'm so, so sorry for yet another loss.

I hope the next six weeks are quiet ones and that 2009 brings better fortune your way.

Cursing Mama said...

Hillary -
I am so sorry to hear this. You & your family have had an unbelievably difficult year and I just can not begin to imagine how hard it must be. My thoughts & blessings are with you.

Kathy said...

I am so sorry, Hillary.

Carole Knits said...

Oh no! Hillary, I am so sorry for your family's loss. Please give my sympathy to Bruce and the girls, too. I remember you all talking about her when I visited you and I feel like I knew her, too. I'm just so sorry.

Jan said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

My sister had breast cancer, and for years I was trying to design a beaded ornament with the ribbon design. I finally finished it about 3 months before she died. Since the cancer had infested her brain, she never understood that I'd designed it, not just bought it somewhere. It's definitely denial, and a lot of hope that if you don't finish, their life won't be over.

Lots of good vibes and prayer going your way today.

Margene said...

My heart goes out to you and your family.