Nov 10, 2008

Three Bags Full

DSC_0324Stitches was held in Baltimore last weekend and I went with a list. This is one of those good news - bad news situations. The good news is that I mostly stuck to my list. The bad news is that the list was kind of long. Um, embarrassingly long.

Part of the list was mental. Get some Mmmmalabrigo. Check! 4 Skeins of pretty blue Malabrigo are in my stash now. I also wanted a shawl pin and Norah Gaughan 3. Happily I brought all of these things home.

DSC_0320Most of the list was written out and notated. I spent a good part of last week editing my queue and making notes on what was for whom. The bulk of that list is for gifts and I managed to knock out quite a lot of it. I got a whack of Miss Babs in a nice, deep blue for Grandma's plan B sweater. (More on that later this week) I got the yarn for Hubbo's entrelac scarf, the final 2 skeins for Stinkerbelles next sweater and a bunch of other, mostly secret, stuff.

DSC_0322I wasn't perfect though and there were some things at stitches that I just couldn't leave behind. This skein of Kraemer Silk & Silver is a good example. It's so pretty and it's got great yardage. I have no idea at all what I'll do with it but I see it as a fabulous accent on something. Other things I didn't plan on that fell in my bag included leather handles for felted bags and one... just one, oops, two skeins of sock yarn. Those don't really count though because not only are they sock yarn, they were from friends. One was from Tess Yarns where we stopped to say hello to Melinda and visited for quite a while. The other was from Dianne of Creatively Dyed who is the reason that DQ insisted on accompanying me to Stitches this year.

In the past I attended Stitches with my buddy Felicia so it was a big switch having DQ along. More mother-daughter and less buddies hanging out. I loved having DQ's company and her advice on colors etc was great. Another cool thing about having her with me at Stitches was that I was able to get her into a "Learn to Knit" class and she had a lot of fun. She's all kinds of excited to start some small projects. She may be hooked.


The best thing about attending this or any fiber event is the company. You meet new people and reconnect with others. Here we are with Mama-E. I wish you could see the rest of her sweater. It had two shades of green and it was very cool. We saw her in the Neighborhood Yarns booth where we also saw Karida who remembers the dragon socks I knit with her yarn. Yay. It's so cool when people recognize and remember the stuff you made.

How was your weekend?


Carole Knits said...

My weekend was nice but not as nice as yours!

Elspeth said...

I got that Silk and Silver last summer in NYC. It is so gorgeous!

Felicia said...

Sounds like you and DQ had a great time. I'm so sorry to have missed hanging out with you. Once the little one is a bit bigger...

Margene said...

I didn't realize Stitches was this weekend, too! It must have been wonderful to enjoy it with your daughter and friends, too.