Nov 13, 2008

Just a Progress Report

It occurred to me the other day as I uploaded pictures and data into Ravelry that I have a few projects going right now that have gotten little or no blog time so here's a post dedicated to progress.
DSC_0351This is the first of a pair of Axel Fingerless Mitts. What a quick and easy pattern! The first mitt is nearly complete now and I hope that by the end of the weekend I can give these to DQ. The yarn is KP Cadena, a bulky wool/alpaca yarn.

I originally planned to use this for a different pattern but I can no longer recall what it was. Then I tried to turn it into Chevalier Mittens but after lots of cabling I realized that I really didn't have enough. Ugh. I am so happy that this pattern is working with the yarn.

DSC_0369The next thing on my needles, my nighttime knit, is the Tangled Yoke Cardi that I'm making for my grandmother. This too is not without drama. My grandmother requested a sweater last year at this time so I took measurements and by January I had chosen a pattern and bought the yarn. Now that I've finally cast on for it my grandfather has done his best to freak me out by ointing out that my grandmother may be taking on a softer, rounder appearance.

This is not what I want to hear at all. I am comitted to this sweater and I really want it to work for my grandmother but I'm a realist so I've come up with a plan B. I bought the Miss Babs yarn at Stitches with the thought of making a February Lady Sweater for my grandmother is this doesn't work. That pattern looks more forgiving so I'm sure that it'll work.

Anyway, this is my NaKniSweMo project and right now it's unlikely that I'll finish on time. As of last night I'm still about 2 inches short of the split for the sleeves. On the positive side, the sleeves are knit separately so they'll be more portable so maybe they'll go faster. I'm not counting on it.

DSC_0367The most recent project to appear on my needles is also the most pressing one. This is a Shedir in Brooks Farms Four Play. I found the yarn at Stitches and knew it would make a perfect Chemo Cap for my S-I-L in NYC. She's in the fight of her life and it's not going well so I really want to get this to her fast. She could use all the support she can get. She's too weak to climb stairs or shower but, when hubbo called her yesterday, she asked if she can help with DQ's Bat Mitzvah prep in any way. I'm speechless. My M-I-L tells me that even though she can barely move, she still plans to be here in Virginia in January. I really do hope so.


Carole Knits said...

Great projects - all of them. I'm sorry to hear that your SIL isn't doing well. I sincerely hope things improve for her.

sprite said...

Powerfully healthy vibes headed your SIL's way. She sounds like a great woman.