Aug 3, 2009

36 Hours in NY

Hubbo an I spent our last kid-free weekend in NY. He had promised to go to a Met game with my grandfather and I went along for the ride. Actually, I drove because it was the perfect opportunity to take my new car out and play with all the new features. Thank goodness for those toys because we hit such traffic. Ugh! It took 2 hours to drive 22 miles around the DC Beltway - and that was the start of the trip. Not a good start at all. If only I'd known then about the traffic we'd hit all through NJ all the way home.

Met game 1
Thankfully we did eventually arrive in NY none-the-worse for the trip and had a great, relaxed visit with my grandparents. It was so nice to have uninterrupted time with them.

Saturday night DH we to the game with my brother (who took these pictures) and my grandfather. The tickets came from Hobbo's cousin who has some very excellent connections. They were sitting in the 4th row next to the Met dugout! The area they were in had it's own bathrooms with a lounge and a private exit to avoid the crowds. Not a bad intoduction to the new stadium at all!

Met game 5

Hubbo got a kick out of watching the photographers right next to them, my brother soaked up the atmosphere and my grandfather watched his beloved Mets beat the visiting Diamondbacks. Yay!

Met game 4

The next day my grandfather was still carrying around his ticket and showing it off to everyone - a reminder of an excellent night.


margene said...

What a fun way to spend an evening!

Carole Knits said...

Sounds like a great night. What else did you guys do in NYC?