Aug 25, 2009

Summer Daiquiri Sox

I had such big knitty ideas about our vacation. I brought along a few UFO's, socks that I'd already started, yarn cakes that wanted to become socks, and a pair of finished socks in need of a photo shoot. Huge ideas were bouncing around in my head but as I already admitted, there wasn't much knit action during this vacation unless I was in the car.

I was determined to get at least one "interesting" shot of my Daiquiri Sox and here they are at the Robie House in Chicago. I convinced DQ to throw caution to the wind and pose on one of the low walls surrounding the house. Much to her (and my) relief, we didn't get caught. I kind of love this shot.

Socks at the Robie House

Last weekend I was finally able to finish the photo shoot in our yard. This picture presents the color pretty well. You can see the pink tones hidden among the orangier ones in this Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra Yarn that made me think of Strawberry Daiquiris. It was lovely yarn to knit with and it really is soft. I would definitely use it again.


The pattern was my first from Cookie A's new book, Sock Inovation. I'm sure it won't be my last. This pattern is called Sunshine and it's one of the few that I would call good for commuter knitting. most of them require more attention to the pattern but this one was easy to commit to memory. I love that in a pattern.


I really can't wait until the weather gets cooler and I can start wearing wool socks again. My options will be so greatly expanded this year.


Carole Knits said...

The socks are lovely. I can wait a lot longer on that cooler weather, though.

margene said...

That's one of my favorite patterns in the book and I love the yarn you used. One pair of socks on vacation is plenty. That means you had fun and not much extra time on your hands.

Sarah said...

That is a beautiful combination of pattern and yarn.

I think that if I cannot get a mannequin, I need to go there to take all finished sock photos. I say it must be one or the other, because I would surely get caught if I brought a mannequin with me.