Aug 26, 2009

Fast Moving Komets

I've got 2 more finished objects to share soon but first here's what I'm working on right now. Yes, it's a sock. I actually have 3 socks that are active right now. I remain a fickle knitter.

DSC_0284This is Stephanie van der Linden's Komet pattern in Rio De La Plata yarn. It's been in my queue for a while and I finally started it last week just after I finished the pair of socks that were my vacation knitting.

I really love this pattern. It's got an easy to remember repeat which is why I chose it for my next commuter project. But... the repeat includes a cable 5 which is not the best ever commuter move so almost immediately after starting this sock I cast on another in a pattern that will definitely be good commuter knitting. That sock is still little more than a toe.

It turns out that the repeat between cables takes exactly the right amount of time for my commute. Yay! This pattern is also so absorbing that I just can't put it down. I took this picture yesterday and now I'm closing in on the toe. Not bad progress at all. Perhaps I'll give the cast aside toe a bit of love before I cast on for the second sock. Then again, this may just be too much fun to stop.

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Carole Knits said...

That's a beautiful sock and a great match of yarn and pattern.