Aug 18, 2009

Cleveland, OH

The first stop on our trip was Cleveland. We arrived kind of late in the day so we stopped for dinner even before we checked into ur hotel. The Winking Lizard was a really good start to our time in the city. As the name suggests it was kind of quirky but more importantly it was delish!

Skyline - Cleveland, OH

The main reason for this stop is probably obvious - the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland, OH

Our timing was great because they have an exhibit on Bruce Springsteen there right now. Hubbo is a huge fan and he wasn't disappointed by what he saw there. As with the rest of the museum it was a very well presented and detailed exhibit.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (In the plaza) - Cleveland, OH

Personally, I was more drawn to these cars hanging in the lobby which I last saw on U2's Zooropa Tour.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Zooropa tour cars) - Cleveland, OH

That's the cool thing about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - if you're into music at all you'll love this place. There are many interactive displays and the memorabilia is fantastic. Rejection letters sent to U2 are there as are their concert costumes and those worm by David Bowie, ZZ Top and Michael Jackson among others.

We only budgeted about 3 hours for this museum but we stayed for more than 6. It was that good.

Next, we finally arrive in Illinois and head to Oak Brook, Oak Park and Schaumburg.


Carole Knits said...

I'd like to go there some day!

JessaLu said...

Someday we hope to make a visit - last year we just drove past on our way to WY. I know R would love it since he's very much into music.

Awesome pics, thanks for sharing!