Aug 4, 2009

Sweet Corn

All too often, we get home at the end of a long day of work or errands or both and suddenly realize that we haven't a clue what to eat for dinner. It rarely turns out well - except for last night when I had the presence of mind to check the garden and see what might be ready.


It turns out that there was a nice zucchini and 2 ears of corn that looked good to go. Add some steaks that we bought the day before and it was a great meal. The zucchini and a bit of fresh picked basil became fritters, the corn and the steaks went on the grill and I'm telling you - no restaurant could've offered a meal as satisfying as that. None!

Fresh Corn

The corn was a little small and it may have benefitted from a bit more time on the stalk but mine was delish. Sweet and creamy and soooooo good. I will definitely be growing corn again next year. No doubt at all!

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Carole Knits said...

That must be so exciting to eat your own corn! I bet it was the best corn ever. And I love that photo of the ear. Great angle!