Aug 5, 2009

Counting the Seconds

By the time anyone sees this post sometime on Wednesday morning I will be a quivering mess - sitting at my desk counting the seconds till it's time to leave my office and head south to retrieve my daughters. How wonderful it will be to see them, and hear them again after 3.5 long weeks!

DSC_0410In yet another demonstration of perfect timing, I finished another pair of socks just the other night and now I won't have to model them myself. My most favorite models can do it during our family vacation next week.

Yup! I will be returning from camp with my girls on Friday and leaving for the midwest on Saturday morning. I'm not sure how blogging will go next week but we'll see. I will have my computer with me so if I see something fantastic then I can post it right away.... or not.

The vacation destination isn't exactly a secret. Most of our local friends know it and they've given us tips on where to go and what not to miss. We are going to have a very hard time fitting it all in. Here is what I know for sure. DH and Stinkerbelle will see a ball game. I will take DQ to a beach. We will all visit many museums and see exhibits full of penguins and pirates and Harry Potter stuff - but not all together. Stinkette will get her fill of Legos. I'll see many works by one of America's Best Architects. And that's not nearly all.

DSC_0409Have you figured it out? Any suggestions to add to the list of must-sees?

Of course I'll bring a bit of knitting along. I've got this stripey sock and the Kiilas that I started out of Malabrigo way back when. I've also got Hubbo's vest, my linen cami and a half-finished shawl. It's my hope that something will be finished before I return home. With many hours in the car ahead of me that seems very do-able.


Carole Knits said...

I'm not very good with geography so I don't know where you're going. I hope you have fun, though! Travel safely!

Kathy said...

I'm thinking Chicago!