Sep 17, 2009

Random & Rainy

Work yesterday was followed by 3 hours of back to school/ meet the teachers stuff for DQ. What a looooong day. If I'd come home and just go to bed it wouldn't be so bad but I didn't. I pulled ou the Crack sweater and got caught up in that for a while. Now it's a new day and it's rainy and grey and all I want to do is sleep.

The real bummer is that this rain may interfere with my plans this afternoon. shopping type plans. The rain would also get in the way of Stinkette's softball game. Her first game was supposed to be last Saturday and it got rained out. It would really suck if her second game got rained out as well.


Sadly I'll miss her game tonight no matter what because I have to attend back to school night for her. More time in classrooms meeting teachers and trying not to fall asleep. Thankfully it won't be a long tonight so I'll be home playing with the Crack sweater much earlier. (Obsessed much?)

Stay dry!


Anonymous said...

It's hard to go home and go to bed without any knitting at all! Been there, done that, paid for it later :-)

Carole Knits said...

Sounds like you are way too busy. Hope you can relax this weekend.

Cursing Mama said...

From where I sit neither the teachers nor the parents are thrilled with the format & time-suck of back to school night... surely there is a better way.
My 1st one is tonight - UGH