Sep 30, 2009


Last night DQ received her acceptance into the National Junior Honor Society. She's playing it cool like she only did it because I want her to but she was genuinely shocked (and I thik a little disappointed) that I didn't spend the whole night on the phone showing off to her aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Then I reminded her that I had no voice.

DSC_0468The timing is a little ironic because today is the second anniversary of my father's passing. Academic achievements are just one more thing I can't share with him.

He wasn't here for the Bat Mitzvah in January but I knew he would've had a great time. He didn't get to see the new deck go up but, knowing his love of construction, I'm sure he would have enjoyed it very much. He doesn't get to see the incredible improvement Stinkerbelle is making in softball. He's missing all of it and I still miss him very much.


Carole Knits said...

I understand. I wish I could share all the exciting things Hannah is doing with my mom. College choices, senior photos, there's so much.

sprite said...

Sending you love, good memories, and maybe a strong drink tonight...