Sep 2, 2009

Water Your Plants

There are really good knitty things happening around the house right now. That Damn Vest now has a lovely "V" neck with a ribbed edge and hubbo is planning on what he'll wear with it Every. Single. Day. for the next year.

Even more than that there is another project blocking in my living room and a second sock is on my needles. Like I said - all good things ... but I don't have pictures of any of them yet. What I do have pictures of are veggies. Somewhat failed veggies.


I know that I was raving about the zucchini and the corn earlier this summer and they were delish. Now as the summer draws to a close it's time to cop to the failures. Like the tomatoes. We did finally get some growing on our plants and they were lovely. Sadly most of them are still green.


A few finally started turning red and I picked one but I also lost one that fell when i wasn't looking and now it's garden mush. Ick!

It just seems like everything in our garden is somewhat undersized and delayed this year. Next year I'll have to remember to plant stuff earlier and water, water, water. And then I'll water some more.


Look at this poor baby pepper. If it looked like this in June it'd be great but in September not so much. So sad.


Carole Knits said...

This is the heartbreaking part of gardening.

Sarah said...

I know this kind of garden. Lately, the watermelon vines have been full of little babies, that like you wrote, would be great signs in June.