Sep 1, 2009

Sweet Summer Stripey Sox

The Ten on Tuesday topic for today is things I hate about travel but, with the exception of hotels that lack free WIFI, there really isn't anything I hate about travel. Not even airports and long car rides. It's all pretty good to me.


So lets scratch Ten on Tuesday this week and talk about socks. Especially happy, stripey, socks.


I really love these socks. I didn't use a pattern at all. I just cast on a toe and went on from there but I was very careful to pay attention to where in the color progression I started because I wanted to see how wekk I could get the stripes to match. It was a challenge but I feel like I nailed it. They're a hair off but close enough.


The yarn is Vesper Sock and I love it. I think I mentioned before that I signed up for this sock club without ever trying the yarn. That could've been the recipe for disaster but after knitting these socks I think it's safe to say that it was one of my best knitty decisions.


Happily, hubbo agrees that the Vesper club was a good idea. He is fascinated by the math required to work out the srtipes. Math makes my brain hurt. I'd rather just knit it up and watch the sripes. Hubbo really wants me to make socks for him out of the first club skein ant that's fine because this pretty one, Damsel, is all mine.

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Carole Knits said...

We're on the same wave length today! Love your new socks and I agree that this month's color is really pretty.