Sep 22, 2009

Ten On Tuesday - 10 Things You Need to Plan For

In a life that often seems like it's spinning out of control, planning is the thing that keeps it all in check. I almost always have a plan so this Ten on Tuesday topic works for me. Here is my list of 10 Things I Need to Plan For:

  1. Vacations - I am the head vacation planner for our family. Gathering maps, making reservations, scouting restuarants etc... it's all me. I kind of like it too.
  2. Meetings and training at work
  3. Holidays - we host many holidays so the question really is who do we invite and what will we serve
  4. Birthday's - gifts, parties and surprises
  5. Dinner - I kind of hate this one. It's such a chore. I was so happy when i opened the new issue of Real Simple and saw that they have and article with 3 weeks of easy, healthy, dinners all planned out including the shopping list. Sweeeeet!
  6. Grocery shopping - I really don't do this enough. It's so much easier when I go with a list.
  7. Our family schedule - every week I need to sit down and plan for who needs to be where and when. There is just way too much going on.
  8. Knitting - I'm getting better at this. I used to buy with no plan but these days I go with a list and buy for a project. Sadly I often forget to write down what yarn is for what project. I guess this one is a bit of a work in progress.
  9. Stinkerbelle's Bat Mitzvah - It's still a few years off but we already have the date and you can bet that I'll start way in advance and whip myself into a frenzy as it gets closer.
  10. Girl Scouts - I'm the troop leader again this year and this takes so much planning and paperwork. Ugh!

That was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be and I didn't even list retirement, or home improvements or.... any number of other things.

Baby Pumpkin

I'm not sure if it will be ready on time but this is a baby pumpkin growing in our yard. Right now it's slightly larger than a grapefruit. Perhaps I ought to start planning how we'll carve it for Halloween.


Carole Knits said...

You should try Splash Shopper for your iphone. It makes grocery lists really easy.

Sarah said...

My yarn stash exhibits many of the telltale signs of unplanned purchasing. I do less of that, but like you, do not always follow through with keeping a good record of the new yarn and its intended project information.