Nov 23, 2009

More Kid Socks

I was away this weekend at a family event. We had so much fun that, although I had 3cameras with me, I only took one good picture. One! There were 3 or 4 lousy shots but that was it. Now it's Monday and I have nothing to show for myself. Nada!

Today I'm focused on finishing stuff before the holiday and that includes knitty stuff. It's getting cold out there!

Here are a pair of socks that I finished recently. They are Creatively Dyed Yarn on size 0 needles. I knit these toe-up and the only special thing is the heel which is certainly my new favorite. I got it from Wendy's book, Socks From The Toe Up and I love it. It feels nice and sturdy and it's dead simple. The only problem is that I haven't committed the details to memory yet so I copied out the relevant page from the book (the copy I bought) and I carry it with me for reference.


Stinkette liked these socks so much that she wore the first one to sleep one night while I was still working on the second sock. She just couldn't wait to get her hands on them. Since I finished them a few week ago she's worn them over and over again. As soon as I wash them she's got them on her feet again.


The joy my girl is getting from these socks makes up for the irritation I felt while making them. It was my first time using size 0 needles and I didn't like them at all. They just feel too small to me and make my hands cramp. On the other hand, the fabric is lovely and feels like it'll hold up well so maybe I'll try them again with another yarn and see if I like them better then.

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Carole Knits said...

The color is beautiful and the yarn has a very nice sheen.