Nov 16, 2009

Shoes & Socks

DSC_0719Faced with the evidence I have to admit - I'm a bit of a shoe person. Saturday night I brought all 3 of these pairs home. Before you think I'm nuts I should say that I only paid for one pair. That would be the shiny new Danskos that I have coveted for-freakin'-evah and finally bought with a gift card I won. I love my shiny shoes quite a lot and I danced around the house in them all weekend. Danced might not be quite the right way to describe it. It's more accurate to say that I clomped around like a giddy elephant.

The other shoes are replacements and since we bloggers complain loudly when we are wronged it's only fair that we broadcast good customer service just as well. I have many pairs of Clarks and I wear then all the time but recently, in the middle of DMV, my blue pair broke. They just split along one of the seams where the leather upper is attached to the sole. Unrepairable and unwearable. I'd never seen anything likeit before and then, days later, the same thing started to happen to my black ones. I was ready to chuck them and chalk it up to fat feet or something else when a friend suggested that I take them back to Clarks.

IMG_2951[1]Saturday night I walked into the Clarks store with the shoes and the guy there instantly offered to give me 2 replacement pairs. No fuss at all! Apparently there was an issue with the material they used for the older soles. It was so good to have it taken care of so easily.

And now I have 3 new pairs of shoes. Including shiny ones! Woot!

Aside from shoes I did a boatload of gift shopping. There are 4 family birthday's between now and the end of the year and of course there are Hanukah gifts to be bought. I got a lot of it done this weekend. It's nice to be a little bit ahead of the curve for once.

I also finished a pair of socks, took pictures of a bunch of F'd O's, turned the heel on another, got buttons for my NaKniSweMo project and, oh yeah, started another pair of socks. Whew!


Carole Knits said...

I love my Clarks, too, and I'm glad to hear that they have such good customer service.

margene said...

If only my Clarks would go bad...I'd love a new pair! Wear all three pair in good health!

Sarah said...

Yay for new shoes and good customer service!

Yowza! You are really getting things done.

Anonymous said...

I love my Clarks! I have a black pair exactly like your blue pair. They are several years old and finally starting to show signs of wear but I still wear them all the time!