Nov 18, 2009

Through The Loops Mystery Socks

Look - it's a finished pair of socks! These were actually the Through The Loops Mystery Socks for this year and I was so proud that I managed to keep up with the clues, finishing each one before the next one was posted. It wasn't hard because this was one of the most enjoyable pairs of socks I've knit in a long time. They were just so nifty and fun.
The yarn was from Ball & Skein and it was a gift from Carole quite a while ago. By a weird coincidence, I was working on these at our hotel in Rhinebeck when Carole introduced me to Ball & Skein Judy.

I'm not a huge orange person usually but I love the colors in this yarn. They have so much depth and richness and they photographed well without much tinkering. The yarn itself was fine. In a weird quirk of fate there was a knot in it that I snipped when I was preparing to wind it up, thinking it was the end. As I wound it up I realized that it wasn't the end - it was the middle. This turned out to be serendipitous because it created 2 balls of yarn that were perfect for knitting these socks 2 at a time.
So back to the pattern. I've never done a mystery sock before. It's really a huge leap of faith to commit yourself to all the time and effort for a project not knowing if it'll be any good. If it was a pattern from Kirsten then I'd gladly do it again. The details that she adds are so much fun. I love the way the cuff zig-zags, the way the swirly bits split at the ankle and the way they end so sweetly at my toes.
I am so happy that the weather finally cooperated and I was able to get pictures of these socks and 2 other finished projects. now I'd like another sunny day please because I'm about to complete another pair of socks and my NaKniSweMo project. Let's hope that I can get everything posted on a more timely basis.


Sarah said...

Those are great socks!

Carole Knits said...

What is up with us posting the same things? hahahahahaha
The socks are awesome and I'm glad the yarn worked out so well for them.

margene said...

That color is perfect for this time of year! I used Judy's yarn for my second pair. It's fabulous.