Nov 9, 2009

Number 6 -Come on Down!

It has taken me an eternity to get around to posting today. Mostly it's because I feel terribly random. Unfocused. Ready for a nap.

  • Maybe it's because I was deprived of my relaxing Sunday morning by having to rush Stinkerbelle to the doctor (who was in the office!) after her Sunday school called us to pick her up because she was "unwell". Since she had her H1N1 shot the day before we were worried. It turned out that it was just an asthma attack. We had a long discussion about how important it is to bring her inhaler with her EVERYWHERE.
  • DSC_0699
  • Perhaps I wasted all my focus on 28Thirty. This was my constant companion all through the weekend. So far I really love it but I didn't enjoy the endless raglan increases at all. By the time I divided for the sleeves I was well over 300 stitches. That is not a happy thing at all but it makes me feel a bit better about using this as my NaKniSweMo project. I think that those Increases of Doom should certainly qualify as something.

  • The yarn I'm using has turned out to be a surprisingly good thing. It's Peace Fleece, a yarn I've avoided for quite a long time. I was afraid it'd be scratchy or unfun to knit with. While it isn't as soft as some other yarns and the dye is getting on me a little bit (not very noticeable at all) I am really enjoying knitting with this. Not only does it behave well - it also creates a really nice fabric which feels super sturdy. I feel confident that it will hold up well. It doesn't hurt that the color is fab. The girls at the LYS saw it peeking out of my bag on Saturday and all commented on it.

  • Then again, it could be that all the online scrabble has addled my brain. OMG! That is wicked addictive. I finally felt like my skills were ok and challenged some random scrabble addict to a game late last week. Since then all I'm getting is vowels. What do you do when all you've got to work with is "AAOUIIIR"? SRSLY!

  • It could also be that a card I received last weekend just knocked me over. I don't know if it was the 40 thing or what but this year my birthday was marked by members of DH's family who never have in the past. The last one was his grandmother. Granted it was a little bit late but she's 96. And it's worth noting that I always thought she hated me. Perhaps at her advanced age she forgot that I'm the evil one. Maybe she was posessed by aliens. Does it matter?

This brings me to the belated choosing of winners of my birthday contest. I had hoped to have my girls do the choosing but corraling them for more than a minute is easier said than done. So I resorted to the Random Number Generator and it chose Kathy as the winner of the STR and the book.

And then, because I was having fun giving stuff away I hit the Random Number Generator again. This time Jan's name came up. I'm guessing that she'll want the Mini Mochi.

The rest of the yarn will go in the stash until I find another good excuse to give stuff away. Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate.

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Sarah said...

Congratulations, winners!

I'm so glad that the medical issues were resolved quickly and were not as serious as you had worried.