Mar 19, 2010

ECF - Green Fountain Edition

It's been a gorgeous week here in DC so on Wednesday I took a little walk during my lunch hour. I really wanted to see the White House fountain turned green. I don't know if it was the bright sunlight or the water wasn't tinted that dark but I was underwhelmed. It's ok though because it was a nice excuse to get out and walk a little and still a great day.


What do you think? Can you see the green?


Carole Knits said...

I can sort of see the green but it's not very very green. Still pretty, though!

Anonymous said...

On the lawn, yes; in the fountain, not so much. It's still a great photo!

JessaLu said...

I see some green, a tinge is better than none, right? ;o)

Laurie said...

Yes, I do. But I think it is really tacky. (I guess I'm an out-lyer on this one.)