Mar 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Easter/Passover Traditions

Once again Carole has come up with the pefect topic for a Tuesday - 10 Favorite Easter/Passover Traditions. It's all the more perfect for me because, for the first time in memory, I'm not doing any seders at my house at all. I was so gratified to have more than a few people express regret that they won't be coming to a seder at our house this year. It's nice to be missed. I'll need to remember this next year when I'm making myself crazy with preparations.

My family is actually having a completely non-traditional holiday in ways I'm not quite ready to share. It feels weird not to be busy changing my dishes and preparing a feast.

  1. Filling the house with friends and family

  2. Preparing the festive meal

  3. Reading the haguddah around the table. There is lot's of giggling and discussion and it's all wonderful.

  4. Spicing up the celebration with little extras like props, masks, articles, and atories

  5. Setting the huge table with all the crystal and flowers and pretty things.

  6. The stealing of the afikomen. The bargaining and the wheeling and dealing for a gift in exchange for it later.

  7. The wine - 4 glasses. Make mine 4 full glasses please.

  8. Making the charoses - wine and honey and apples and nuts. Yum!

  9. The hard boiled eggs with salt water. - Yum again.

  10. Really, all the food makes me smile. It's not until day 4 or 5 that the dietary restrictions of the holiday start to wear on me.

I can't wait to hear you're favorite holiday traditions.


Carole Knits said...

So are you going to other people's home for seder? I'm so curious about Passover traditions.

Cursing Mama said...

We're breaking tradition this year as well. I'm going to miss the GRAND buffet we usually attend; but am also looking forward to the quite family celebration we've planned with my parents.