Mar 10, 2010

Skully Mitts

Yesterday I enjoyed my lunch al fresco for the first time in quite a while. It was a lovely, warm and sunny day, the kind that reminds you that spring is really close. Soon we can put away our winter coats and winter accessories...

So let's talk about gloves today. Fingerless gloves. As a friends says, they are the potato chip of knitting and that is such a good thing because my daughters love them. Sometimes I wonder which they like better - handknit socks or handknit fingerless gloves. I think that the edge goes to the socks but not by much.


It seems like my girls constantly have a suggestion or a request for the next pair of fingerless gloves I should make for them. At this point I rarely knit the available patterns "as is" because my girls have definite requirements and also because doing my own thing makes it more interesting. More challenging. More fun.

Most recently I had been pondering a lovely skein of Dream In Color Classy for months and trying to come up with a plan to incorporate rays of sun and circles and waves into a pair of fingerless gloves. I wasn't getting very far.


About a week ago Stinkette changed up her list of demands. She just wanted skulls. That was so much easier. First I abandoned the DIc in favor of some KP Merino Style in dusk and cornflower. I'll use the DIC for the next gloves for her but the pattern that immediately popped into my head needed solids. I really loved using the Merino Style and stinkette likes wearing it but these gloves are getting really fuzzy, really fast.


The pattern itself just came out of my head. I kept notes in Rav so that I could do the second mitt to match the first so that's the closest thing to a pattern. Start with a picot edge, move on to a few contrasting purl ridges at the wrist and fingers and in between knit straight to provide a nice canvas for overstitching.

The overstitching was just a graph I made for myself. I'm happy to share it if antone wants but it was really pretty simple.

The bottom line is that Stinkette loves these. She wears them to school, to play and to bed. I'd better start planning the next pair because she loves her mitts to death.


CrazyFiberLady said...

Love the skully mitts and more so that the offspring love the mitts too! I know as a kid I preferred {shocker} store bought mittens to the ones my mother knit and my kids have already paid me back for that. Nice when the effort is appreciated!

Gnat said...

Those are very cute!!

Carole Knits said...

Those are perfect for her! Hannah doesn't like fingerless gloves. She says her fingers get cold.

margene said...

Al fresco?! It's going to be awhile before we can do that around here. The mitts are darling. No wonder she loves them.

Sarah said...

Those are absolutely perfect for your girl!