Mar 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Signs of Spring

I'll bet that there are quite a lot of folk who are only too happy to tick off the Signs of Spring. I know I am. In fact, I was doing just that last weekend when I took these pictures.


It was such a long, hard, winter, and I was anxious to see how my little yard fared. It could've been worse and it could've been better. Today we'll focus on the good.

  1. The daffodils are out all over the place. Above are the ones I planted near our mailbox. They'll pop any day now.

  2. There's still enough light to relax outside when I get home from work each day.

  3. My irises are starting to poke up through the soil. You know how I love my irises.

  4. The streets are filled with bicycle riders. It seems like everywhere I go I see bike racks on cars and people riding. I feel the spark of inspiration.

  5. There are bags of dead leaves and detritus at the curbs all through the neighborhood. Spring cleaning is underway!

  6. Stinkarooney got her team assignment for Spring Softball. Practice ought to start any day.

  7. The weather is warm enough already to eat on the deck. Yes, I mentioned this in yesterday's post too. Can you tell how excited I am about this?

  8. Festival season is just around the corner. Can you believe that MDS&W is just over a month away?

  9. I don't need to wear my jacket anymore. I happily washed my winter coat and hung it in the closet.

  10. Cherry Blossom watch has started. My little tree is laden with buds. I just hope I don't miss too much while we're on vacation.



Cursing Mama said...

Note to self:
Plant Dafodils

Carole Knits said...

You will have true spring before I do and I'm jealous of that! I'm also jealous that you no longer need a coat.

Anonymous said...

I'm also jealous that you'll have true spring before us. You deserve it though, after the winter you had!

Laurie said...

Nice stuff. My yard is still mired in winter. No snow, but only the beginnings of life.