Mar 24, 2010

Jackie's Socks

I finished a pair of socks last week. It's my third complete pair for this year but I was hoping to knit 18 pairs in 2010 so I'll need to pick up the pace a bit.

These are one of those rare pairs of socks that I've knit by request. I give socks away all the time but it's usually something I decide on my own or because my girls see a pair on the needles and claim them mid-knit. This time my S-I-L saw me knitting socks while visiting last fall and asked if I'd make her a pair. I was kind of flattered and said yes.


As I mentioned before, these started with the Nutkin pattern but it's really just a Nutkin leg surrounded by sock elements that make me happy. I started with a picot edge rather than a plain one and I did an eye of partridge flap heel rather than short rows. I also went with a foot that was plain except for purl rows traveling down the sides for definition. I like elements that flow into each other and the purl rows continue from the sides of the leg. It works for me.


The yarn is Caper Sock by String Theory in a color called Isis. I like Margene's idea of calling it Iris in a Blender. It's superwash wool with nylon and cashmere. You can really feel the cashmere. After a soaking and a blocking (yes, I blocked a pair of socks for the first time in years) the cashmere has a lovely fluffy haze and these socks are amazingly soft to the touch.

Now these socks are on their way to Brooklyn where I hope they'll be greeted happily.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty socks!

Carole Knits said...

Those are great and I like the way you incorporated your own favorite sock elements into the pattern. You are a pair up on me at this point!

Anonymous said...

Great socks! I am working on a pair of Nutkins and have made a few mods too. I have trouble with short row heels, so I did my favorite heel flap too. I do love the pattern other than that though.

Sarah said...

Those socks are wonderful, and I love what you did with the pattern.