Mar 3, 2010

Random Wednesday

On Monday morning I splashed my coffee all over the sleeve of my sweater and jacket on my way to work. How can that be anything but an ominous sign that the week will suck?

Despite the fact that my knitting mojo is still flowing and, in fact, I have 2 projects that are likely to cross the finish line by Friday, I feel very random. This is one of the nearly complete projects. They're Stinkerbelle's long awaited fingerless gloves. Her next pair. She has a few but she always has an idea for what I can do with the next pair. There is no pattern for these other than the notes I'm making in Ravelry as I go along.


I am currently planning 2 party-like events. I'm not sure how I keep getting myself into these things other than a habit of saying "Yes." It's really ok ecept that both events have itty bitty budgets. I'm not an itty bitty budget planner. I want every event I plan to be awesome.

The snow is still very present in our area and I really think that people need to get over it already. Parking in the commuter lot is still ridiculous because people are continuing to ignore the painted lines and park any which way. If I can see the lines then so can they.

Yarn is multiplying in my house. I swear I have no clue where it's coming from. I cannot possibly have bought it all. I was trying to clean it up last night because I was sure that there was more than one chair in the living room and I suspected that the other one was buried under yarn. I was right. DH suggested storing the yarn with birth control pills instead of cedar balls. It's an idea.

Finally, I know exactly how I'll spend the money I'm saving on yarn. My diffuser recently bit the dust so I went looking for a new one. Most stores only sell diffusers with hair dryers so I had to go to a specialty store to get one by itself. I did that last weekend and used it happily for 2 days. This morning my hair dryer died. I have bad hair today. I need a new hair dryer.


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

The birth control pills crack me up! Sometimes it seems like the truth though, doesn't it? I hope the knitting mojo continues and the other parts of the rest of the week only go up!

Carole Knits said...

I love that you are not an itty bitty budget planner!

Anonymous said...

what are you planning?