Aug 19, 2010

The Garden Report - August 18

Well, I've given up on the broccoli. It did produce more florets after I cut it back but nothing terribly promising or enticing. The brussels sprouts are a similar disappointment. There are sprouts on the stalks but they're still rather puny. I'm not sure they'll ever amount to much.

I'm the only one who really tends the garden at all an since I was busy running around much of the summer it got pretty weedy. The green beans got lost in the overgrowth and by the time I saw them they were past theiir prime. Ditto for the green peppers. The animals got to some of it too.

Speaking of animals, that damn squirrel also got to my garden. Those last lovely strawberries that were ripening at the time of the last garden report - he swiped them! He also swiped a bunch of lovely little tomatoes from one of the 2 plants.


Thankfully that theiving pest didn't want the tomatoes on the other plant. Not sure why. Too big for him? Not his favorite variety? Whatever, I harvested these just the other day. I haven't tried any yet so I can't say how they taste but the miserable scoundrel didn't get them and i call that a win.

The big win for this year in the garden turned out to be zucchini. We had 3 zucchini plants in the garden this year - 2 that I started from seed planted new and one really tenacious return from last summer. Care to guess which one produced the most this year? Go figure!

Anyway, we've given away a few zucchini's but we're still up to our eyeballs in then so we're finding creative things to do with it. That may be worth a post all by itself.


Manise said...

The chippies loved my cherry tomatoes on my front steps. My solution: snack and sandwich sized ziplock bags. Cover each spray of tomatoes and zip the ends closed. They can't get them and the the silver lining is they ripen faster in their new protected environment. For larger tomatoes quart sized bags fit the bill. As for the zucchini? Those huge ones the size of small bats make lovely soup that you can freeze for later.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

We didn't grow much more than herbs this year and we ate still up to our ears in zucchini, lol!

Carole Knits said...

Stuffed zucchini is always good. So is zucchini bread.

Laurie said...

Yeah, I'm finding cherry tomatoes redistributed around my deck. Critters.