Aug 12, 2010

A Little Something For Keeping Warm

I went to see Green Day last night and all I can say is wow. Or I would say wow if I had any voice at all. Thank goodness this isn't a podcast. Anyway, the band played for over 2.5 hours and the whole audience, including us, were on their feet, hands waving and singing along for all of it. It was so worth the money and the exhaustion the day after.

On to the knits. Last week I delivered not one, but 2 knits to my M-I-L. The first was the hat that I shared yesterday and the second was a little shawlette. As soon as I saw Summer Flies by Donna Griffin I thought of my M-I-L who is always cold these days. She's the only one I know who's wearing sweatshirts in this heat.


I loved the simplicity and laciness of this pattern. It was interesting without being fussy. When my M-I-L was visiting in June she was looking at and admiring some of the lace that I'd made in the past. I knew she wouldn't want something big but a little something to put over her shoulders would work.


As I mentioned before I couldn't go with straight wool. She'd never believe that it would be ok for Florida. After looking at many yarns I wound up with Panda Silk which does have wool in it but it's mostly bamboo and silk. I just fell for the color and the softness and I knew that the wool would be better for holding it's shape after blocking.


I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture but the yarn has a shine to it. The silk or bamboo take the color a little differently than the wool and that gives the yarn a slightly sun-kissed appearance.


I loved this project. I only saw the pattern and got the yarn a little over a week before I left on my trip which put me in quite a time crunch. I needed to knit it and block it before I left. Happily the pattern was fun and easy to follow and it went really fast. I finished the knitting in 48 hours. The less said the better about how I did it.

So, did my M-I-L like it? Yes, she says it's perfect.


sprite said...

That's beautiful, Hillary. Congratulations on finishing such a lovely piece. I'm glad your MIL is excited about it, too.

Carole Knits said...

That is another wonderful gift for your mother-in-law.

margene said...

Such a cozy looking shawl and the color is very nice, too.

Laura said...

It's beautiful!

Gnat said...

Very pretty! That looks like a great pattern.

Laurie said...

Wonderful gift of love for your MIL. That, plus a lovely FO. You do make me curious about how you knit it. All-nighter?

Sarah said...

Oooh! I love it! Your yarn choice is wonderful. Time to add another one to the queue!