Aug 18, 2010


Look, see the pretty flowers!


I hope that is enough to distract you from noticing that I've got nothing today. No pictures of finished objects, no progress reports, nothing at all. I'm trying but the last 2 inches on the current sock are slooooow and the second sleeve of Que Sera hasn't knit itself. I do have a finished potholder but it really needed blocking to be in any way presentable.

I think I'll just take a wee cat nap and hope that tomorrow is more blogable.

1 comment:

Lucia said...

That's a great photo! I wouldn't call that nada at all, especially as I haven't actually blogged about knitting in... um... a while.

My verification string is gicking. I think I'll use it as an expletive, as in "we need to get all this gicking stuff packed."