Aug 10, 2010

Tuesday Minus Ten

IMG_3211Not only am I posting late today, I'm also missing the bacon. Ooops!

It's not that I don't like bacon. It's just that this nice Jewish girl doesn't have much experience with it beyond appetizers. Potato skins and cheese fries are definitely better with bacon but that's about where it ends for me.

Happily I have something else to share that I think is pretty cool and relevant. It goes back to last week's list where I said that I was hoping to bring the names and adresses of yarn stores with me on vacation. Well, my pre-trip research identified at least 3 yarns stores in the general area of where I was but it turns out that the place we were staying was way up on top of a mountain and only accessible by a winding, nearly vertical road - not conducive to quick trips out to the store. If you go down to town once a day it's plenty.


Even so, I came across something in my research that I just couldn't pass up. I read online that Laura's Yarn Tastic had some trouble earlier this year and came up with a great solution. The store moved into a section of a local independent book seller - Black Bear Books. I really don't recall the details but I think it's very cool and creative and I had to pay it a visit.


Sure enough, tucked away among the books was an alcove full of yarn, knitting books, buttons and tools. It wasn't huge but it was there. These days, it must be really challenging to be a shop owner and I really admire the way they managed to work it out. Besides, what could be a more natural pairing than yarn and books. Perfect!


Carole Knits said...

I'm glad you visited those shops, sounds like they were worth the effort. And yeah, sorry about the topic!

margene said...

Small business of any sort need to come up with creative ways to survive. What a great idea to combine books and knitting. I hope it saves both businesses!