Aug 16, 2010

Hitting the Wall

It would appear that I hit a wall last week and the wall won. I'm talking about a figurative wall of course but it left it's mark on me just the same. Whatever it was that I hit left me voiceless and exhausted so, with the exception of a few essential errands (groceries, mani/pedi & yarn) I stayed home and relaxed all weekend.


I didn't mind that it was overcast on Saturday or that it was wet and dreary on Sunday because I was on the couch watching HGTV, reading books, knitting, and crocheting while drinking hot tea. It would've been better to relax and recouperate by the pool but then I would've been voiceless and sunburnt and that's no good at all.

Happily, today I'm well-rested and my voice is showing signs of returning soon. It's not there yet so I'm still drinking lots of tea.


margene said...

You've been doing a fair amount of running around so you deserve a little time with your feet up. Take care!

Manise said...

I agree with Margene!

Sarah said...

Keep healing!

Laurie said...

Pretty representation of your figurative wall. Hope you are feeling better soon. It's going around. It.