Jan 3, 2011

Blogiversary Navel Gazing

Saturday was not only New Years Day, it was also my Blogiversary. My 5th! I can honestly say that there is nobody who would ever have predicted that I'd stay with the blog for this long - not even me. My long history of picking things up and putting them down and the many abandoned journals and diaries hidden in odd spots around the house would testify to the unlikeliness on this and yet, here I am.


One of the funny things about so called milestone anniversaries is the way that they inspire us to get introspective. We come up with all manner of profound observations... or not.

Truly the only great observation that I've got is that you never know where life will take you. It always surprises us. Especially when you think you've got it all figured out. The only thing we can do is hope that the surprises will be good ones.

Five years ago I was working at a job I hated. Happily I've moved on to a job that fits me much better but I still interact with the company on a personal level and it's been surprisingly beneficial.

There have been unpleasant surprises too over the last 5 years and many of you have been with me for them. My family has lost a few members and they were all a surprise to some extent.

But the bad times make you appreciate the good times even more. My brother met and married the love of his life while living in Korea and they had a beautiful daughter. That was a really great surprise to us. AI suppose that it's equally surprising that they found themselves moving from Manhattan to Indiana. Never saw that coming.

It was even more surprising when my grandparents made the trip to be at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. I would've bet money that they wouldn't have been up to making the trip. That was an amazing surprise.

And now we've got and even bigger surprise. My family, which had seemed complete until recently, is apparently going to increase by one this June. Just when I thought that I was finished with diapers, car seats, and all that other good stuff I find myself getting ready to dive back into it all once again.

Like I said, the best we can hope for is that all the surprises in our lives should be good ones.


Carole Knits said...

Oh MY God! I thought your comment on Facebook the other day was some sort of JOKE about Daria needing you or something. Are you kidding me?!? How exciting for you all!

sprite said...

Wow!!! Congratulations!!!

margene said...

You sure know how to surprise your blog readers!! WOW! A big congratulations to you and your family.

Manise said...

OMG! What a way to wake us all up on a Monday morning! Congratulations to you and your family! Been there and done that with my last one. Your daughters will appreciate having a younger sibling and you'll have two extra sets of hands. How exciting!

Oh and Happy Blogiversary!

Julie said...

Congratulations! And June is a most excellent month in which to have a baby- just sayin'

Sarah said...

Congratulations! WoW!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Wow! Congrats on both accounts!

Laurie said...

Congratulations! Love the context in which you put the revelation!