Jan 23, 2011

Still Looking for Upholstered Perfection

you know how sometimes you go to the store for bread and come home with everything but? Well, this weekend we had our own version of that but on a way bigger scale.

DSC_0724It's no secret that I hate my couch but the truth is that I could cheerfully see most of my living room/dining room furniture disappear without one bit of regret. But, since the couch is the worst eyesore I've been diligently going out to various stores in search of the perfect seating for most of January. Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect seating?

Too soft.

Too formal.

Not the right shape.

Not the right color.

Not sturdy enough.

Every time I think I'm close, those little doubts come back. We thought that we'd figured it out a week ago but then I worried that what we'd chosen wasn't "inviting" looking. People tend to come to our house, make themselves comfortable, and stay and stay and stay. And I like it that way.

So the great couch hunt continues and on Saturday my girls and I popped into a store on our way to paint some pottery. Just as we were headed to the door having decided that they didn't have a couch that was quite right for us something caught my eye and I was in love. Love, love, love.

It's round and a deep, rich, nearly black brown. It's also very simple and can seat 6 when closed or 10 when we open it up using the lovely gears than make it glide so smoothly. Dare I say sexily? And we're going a little eclectic with the seating, choosing 3 pairs of chairs instead of 6 of a kind.

Sunday Bruce went back with me and we spent way too much on a fabulous table and chairs that I know I'll love every time we set it for a holiday or a party or anything. It's fabulous! You can see the vast difference between old and new here. The nearly black on in the foreground and the old, lighter, wood in the back.

But it's not a couch. Still working on that one.

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Carole Knits said...

Furniture shopping is always fun when all you are doing is looking. When it comes to actually purchasing it seems it becomes way harder to find something that you like. I'm excited about your new dining set, though. I'll be over for lemon chicken!