Jan 19, 2011

Ice Day

Schoools by us were closed yesterday due to an ice storm the night before. The kids enjoyed the unexpected extension of their holiday weekend. I was supposed to be off of work anyway for a doctor's appointment and a meeting at the school. Obviously the latter meeting never happened. Bummer for that.

On the positive side, DQ got to come to the sono with me and I think it helped a little. She's still feeling a little conflicted about things.


The ice was really pretty while it lasted. Now everything is just wet.

Another plus to the day off. My girls made cookies. Is there anything better than a house that smells like cookies?

Now we're all back to the usual routine and my meeting at the school is rescheduled. Let's hope that I get it in before the bad weather returns.


Carole Knits said...

Oh great. Now I want cookies.

margene said...

Ice days are beautiful and a little scary. Your girls know how to make the best of a day off school

Cursing Mama said...

And this is exactly why I shouldn't take 3 weeks to get through my reader backlog! Congratulations on the day off, the knitting, and the bundle of joy!
I bet your baby ends up with the BEST BOOTIES EVER!